A Printmaker’s Cookbook

A Printmaker’s Cookbook


A Printmaker’s Cookbook Images in Relief originates from Dianne’s 40 year career in print and the artists’ book, as artist and maker, master printer and in this instance as educator. With this publication, Dianne answers the questions most frequently asked by aspiring and established printmakers alike.’ Euan Heng

‘This is not so much a ‘how to do it book’, but a ‘how Fogwell did it book’. In other words, once you know how it was done, you can understand something of the complexity and sophistication of the print and proceed to enjoy some of its subtleties.’ Sasha Grishin

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‘ I would like you to use A Printmaker’s Cookbook – Images in Relief in the studio as you would use a dependable cookbook in the kitchen. Have it open while you make, add/subtract according to taste, substitute this for that, let it cater to your vision. Use it to troubleshoot and advise your methods when something’s not working as you thought it might.’ Dianne Fogwell

Title: A Printmaker’s Cookbook – Images in Relief

192 pages in full colour


Measurement: H26cm x W21.5cm x D2.2cm

Weight: 1.25 kilos

Author: Dianne Fogwell



75 Higinbotham Street, Watson, Australian Capital Territory, Australia, 2602



National Library of Australia.

A catalogue record for this book is available from the National Library of Australia. https://catalogue.nla.gov.au

ISBN 978–0–6483846–0–1